Professional Negligence in Sydney

Sydney is a hub of commercial activities, the city hosts a large population of professional who provide services to the residents. Though to err is human, however some errors are non-negotiable and when errors are committed the guilty party is penalised and according to the case requires to compensate for the act.

Professional negligence is a serious breach of duty on the part of a professional. When a professional like medical professionals, lawyers, engineers etc. commit an act of professional negligence which results in injuring another physically, psychologically or financially then the aggrieved party can file for compensation under the grounds of professional negligence.

When approaching the court however, it is always advised to hire a legal professional specialised in professional negligence in Sydney to assist you in the process.

We in Keen Lawyers commit to serving clients who seek justice and compensation for acts of professional negligence in Sydney. Serving for about 35+ years. Our firm has won a 1000 and more cases and granted many aggrieved parties with the compensation they deserved. Our success rate of a 99% has enable us to become one of Sydney’s North-western and Western Region leading compensation firm. Our years of excellent service has gained us the recognition as accredited specialist in the law of Personal Injury by The Law Society of NSW.

We at keen lawyer believe in providing justice to all who seek it despite their financial capabilities and thus have maintained a three point policy in order to achieve. (i) we do not charge fee service in the event of a loss (ii) we do not demand upfront payment (iii) if a client does not have the capacity to pay for the preparation of a case we sometimes fund it. However the fee policies are all subjected to conditions.

Hire Legal Professionals to Resolve Cases

If you were to hire our services for cases relating to professional negligence in Sydney. Our lawyers will commit their best to serving you by providing you counsel in reference to your case, while also informing you of your rights in the matter.