Professional Negligence in Blacktown, NSW

Professional negligence refers to an act of negligence caused by a professional in his line of duty and in Personal Injury law it refers to an act of negligence caused by a professional that resulted in the physical or psychological harm of another.

When such a case occurs, a person can then claim compensation from the assaulter however it is always recommended to hire the services of a lawyer specialise in the matter of professional negligence in Blacktown.

A lawyer can assist you by providing you counsel on your case and also inform you on what rights you hold in the specific case. This benefits you as it prepares you more since compensation claims tend to get tricky as cases of professional negligence in Blacktown or anywhere else often require to be interpreted which for the uninitiated and unprepared can be very chaotic and confusing.

We in keen lawyers have helped many clients over the course of 35+ years in claiming their compensation and are proud to hold a staggering success rate of 99% in successfully winning cases which now number to more than a thousand. This has catapult the firm to become a leading compensation firm in the entirety of the Western and North Western Sydney regions. Our firm has also been recognized by the Law Society Of NSW as an accredited specialist in Personal Injury Law which is only given to solicitors who are experienced, proficient and competent in their area of expertise and requires a certifying exam which is conducted by the NSW to receive the honour which is then required to be maintained every year or risk forfeiting. We in keen lawyers have been blessed to manage this for 23 years and plans to continue doing so.

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