Personal Injury Lawyers in Parramatta

There are many reasons why you may want to hire the services of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Parramatta. If you are an individual who has receive injuries physical and psychological from the actions and negligence of others. Then you can seek out compensation for it. However these compensation claims can get tricky for example, medical negligence require defining the act which is considered negligent and how it so. This is difficult if one doesn’t hold prior knowledge over the subject.

Personal lawyers like ours in Keen Lawyers specialised in the subject, and assist clients by advising them on the matter and providing clients information on what are their rights on the subject.

We in keen lawyers have helped several clients since our establishment resolve their matters in Personal injury law. This was achieved through the efforts of our experienced solicitors. Our oldest solicitor holds an experience of 35+ years and the firm has also been recognised as an accredited specialist in Personal injury Law by the Law Society of NSW for 23 years. This has made the firm a leading compensation firm in the region of north Western Sydney and Western Sydney.

Our personal injury lawyers in Parramatta believes in the firm principle of providing justice to all and to do so have structure a three point policy to help those less fortunate for a chance of a court trial to claim their compensation regardless of one’s financial capacities i.e. (i) no win – no fee service (ii) no upfront payment (iii) Keen lawyers those who aren’t able to do so on their own in preparation of their compensation claims and will only seek refund in the event of a win(conditions apply)

If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer in Parramatta and your case falls in any of the following areas, you may approach our professional team.

  1. Industrial accidents
  2. Medical negligence
  3. Serious car accidents
  4. Professional negligence
  5. Total and permanent disability
  6. Family law
  7. Probate and estates
  8. Convincing/ sale and purchase of property

We shall be glad to serve you with the best knowledge and help.