Motor Vehicle Accident Solicitors Parramatta

Accidents can occur to anyone travelling on roads, from owners of 4-wheelers to bikers and cyclists. Thus, these people need to get compensation for their injuries and damages of their vehicles if they have no fault in the occurrence of those accidents. Usually, insurance companies and the other parties do not easily agree to pay the claimed compensation at the initial stage of the application. Hence, accident victims need to hire the services of our motor vehicle accident solicitors Parramatta, to make this process simpler and faster.

Expenses recovered by our motor vehicle accident solicitors

  • The payment of medical bills due to the treatment of accidental injuries is the main component of the compensation that one can seek from insurance companies. Though there is a maximum limit in paying medical expenses as per the insurance policies, it is seen that injured people are financially benefitted from this compensation amount.
  • The expenses of future treatments and rehabilitation of heavily injured accident victims should be included in the compensation asked by our motor vehicle accident solicitors Parramatta. Doctors can provide an estimate of future medical expenses of a person, mainly in cases of severe physical and mental injuries.
  • If a person loses his/her earnings temporarily or permanently due to accidental injuries, the wages lost should be compensated by the third party. The loss of superannuation due to the loss of a regular job is another factor included in increasing the compensation amount for an accident victim.
  • Apart from economic losses, compensation can be sought for the physical pain and mental trauma suffered by an accident victim. The loss of all enjoyments in life due to this accident can only be compensated if the victim is permanently disabled to a large extent, which is termed as Whole Person Impairment.

Though our motor vehicle accident solicitor Parramatta prefer not to charge clients unless they win their cases, there are many other legal expenses involved. Hence, all these legal costs are calculated in the compensation amount by our lawyers, to take care of the financial condition of our clients. You may call us over the phone or contact us online to get the required legal services if you face a car accident while travelling to your destination.