14 November

Medical Negligence

Medical negligence cases can be quite complex but can produce significant compensation. If you believe that you have not been treated correctly by a doctor, hospital or health professional, you should seek advice as to whether a claim is available to you.

We recently completed a claim where a lady had a hernia operation. She had recurring symptoms about 12 months later and had to undergo a second procedure. She did not receive the proper advice from her specialist prior to the second procedure and as a result the second procedure did not produce a good outcome. She had ongoing abdominal pain, reflux and had to take medication to control these symptoms. We engaged an expert from interstate to comment as to the second procedure, as well as obtaining some very supportive evidence from leading doctors in New South Wales. The lady was an elderly lady who was not working at the time. We set the case down for trial but were able to resolve the case shortly prior to her trial for around $400,000.00. We were very pleased with the outcome of the case.

A second matter we recently finished involved a lady who was likewise intending to have a hernia operation. Prior to the surgery she was injected with the incorrect medication by the anaesthetist. This had a significant affect upon her causing a disruption to her heart beat and ongoing psychological damage. The case involved a substantial amount of work and we were able to achieve a result of just under half a million dollars as compensation, which we were once again very pleased with.

Cases such as these can take a couple of years through the court process, but can be rewarding in terms of compensation.

It is important to know that with these type of cases a very thorough examination of the medical records needs to occur and it is quite often useful to lodge a complaint with the HealthCare Complaints Commission about the conduct received. That would force the treating doctor or health professional to respond to the complaint and often produces useful information when pursuing such a claim.

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