Medical Negligence Lawyer Sydney

Often patients complain of the negligence of medical staff or the wrong treatment of their doctors, which cause them greater harm instead of getting cured of their ailments. If you face the same situation of medical malpractice or the negligence of the hospital, our medical negligence lawyer Sydney can provide you the best help. Keen Lawyers is one of the leading law firms of this city, where numerous people have got justice in medical negligence cases since 1982. Our experienced lawyers study and investigate the case of each client, to deliver him/her the best service to compensate the damages caused by medical negligence.

Under the category of types of cases that need medical negligence lawyers Sydney

  • Medical malpractice If you feel that your doctor or a hospital has been negligent in providing medical treatment, you need to consult our medical negligence lawyers Sydney, who are experts in pursuing these types of cases. Medical negligence lawyers Sydney have considerable experience and expertise in dealing with these cases.
  • Errors in prescribing medicine If your doctor prescribes you wrong medications that cause you an injury, our medical negligence lawyers Sydney are ready to help you. We will consider the extent of the negligence from your doctor and determine your best compensation.
  • Incorrect diagnosis – Often medical negligence cases arise out of an incorrect diagnosis by a doctor. Our medical negligence lawyers Sydney are experts in investigating and assessing whether a claim is available to you for that incorrect diagnosis. We have done a number of those cases over the years and our medical negligence lawyers Sydney are experts in pursuing these claims.
  • Errors caused in surgery – We see many cases where errors are caused through surgery by surgeons or other medical staff. Our medical negligence lawyers Sydney are experts in investigating and pursuing these claims. We are currently pursuing a number of these cases. Our principal lawyer is an accredited specialist in personal injury law and has a lot of experience as a medical negligence lawyer Sydney in these types of cases.

You need to consult our medical negligence lawyers Sydney before approaching the court for justice against medical professionals. We thoroughly investigate the case, gather all pieces of evidence, and prepare reports accordingly in the favour of our client. Though the legal procedure is quite long, we try to get the compensation for our clients as soon as possible. You need to initiate the case immediately after the incident of medical negligence occurs, though the time limit may vary according to the nature of the case.