Recent Cases

19 May
Workers Compensation – COVID 19 Changes

On 14 May, 2020 the COVID 19 Legislation passed through Parliament.   The Legislation prescribes that a worker during a time […]

18 May
Family Law – If your partner declares bankrupt

In a recent decision of the full court of the Family Court, the Wife filed an Enforcement Application in respect […]

14 May
Informal Wills, Do they work?

Under the Succession Act (NSW), the court has power to declare a document which is not executed in accordance with […]

10 May
What’s the time period for a personal injury claim?

Under the Limitations Act in NSW, you must commence a personal injury claim within 3 years from the date on […]

10 Apr
Motor vehicle collision – Mrs G – Health Care Worker

Mrs G worked as a Health Care Worker in that industry for many years.  She was injured in a motor […]

10 Apr
workers compensation claim – Mrs T – Shop Assistant

Mrs T worked for K-Mart on a part time basis.  She had been in that employment for many years. The […]

10 Apr
Motor vehicle collision – Mr M – Manual Labourer

Mr M worked as a manual labourer at the time when he was involved in a motor vehicle collision.  He […]

10 Apr
Work Injury claim – Mr G – Labourer

The Problem: Our client was sent by a labour hire company to work at a particular site.    He was directed […]

10 Apr
Motor vehicle collision- Mrs S – Administration Worker

Mrs S worked as an Administration Worker in one of the major Western Sydney hospitals. The Problem: She suffered knee […]

09 Apr
Workers compensation case -Mr S – Policeman

Mr S worked for the NSW Police Service. The Problem : He injured his hip as a result of wearing […]

14 Nov
Industrial Accident

Many people who work in factories, warehouses, on construction or building sites are prone to a risk…

14 Nov
Medical Negligence

Medical negligence cases can be quite complex but can produce significant compensation.

19 Sep
No Win/No Fee

We have been pursuing claims on a no win, no fee arrangement since the business commenced in 1982. We regularly […]

13 Sep
Recent Cases – Medical Negligence

Mr & Mrs V’s daughter had to undergo a simple operation at a major Sydney Hospital. She subsequently developed a blood clot….

13 Sep
Professional Negligence

Our client’s (30 in total) relied upon their Accountant for financial advice. They had engaged their Accountant…

13 Sep
Motor Vehicle / Industrial Accident

Our client was working at a waste management centre in outback Queensland when he got crushed…

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