Family Lawyers in Sydney

Sydney is a metropolitan city in Australia that houses a huge number of permanent and temporary residents. Numerous legal cases are reported in the local court, due to various kinds of family disputes among these people. Our family lawyers Sydney can assist you in this matter if you need to solve a family problem through legal courses. Though they are experts in dealing with all types of family problems, some are specialized in handling definite categories of family law. Our legal team offers personalized services to each client, according to the nature of their family disputes.

Different kinds of cases handled by our family lawyers Sydney

  • The divorce case is the most common type of family issue that is filed for the legal separation of a couple. Though legal action is not needed for mere separation of the husband and wife, they need to be divorced by the court of law before starting life afresh with another partner. Our experienced family lawyers Sydney can handle all difficult consequences arising in a divorce case, regarding the emotional and financial impact of this case on our clients. The parenting of children is a major issue in the cases of divorce or separation of parents, for which our legal team can guide clients.
  • The dispute over the rights in family property or bank accounts or superannuation is another common reason for filing a case in the local court. Our efficient lawyers consider various aspects in such cases, which will have long-term effects on financial matters. Many financial cases can be very complicated with multiple beneficiaries according to a will. We act as advisors in writing the wills by our clients, to minimize such disputes in the future.
  • Disagreements between professional partners can be solved by collaborative law, without stepping inside the court. Lawyers appointed by both partners meet and discuss the issues of their clients, as per the collaborative procedure. Our lawyers  are experts in this collaborative law and they help in signing an agreement according to the basic rules of this law. No party can further proceed to court after signing this agreement that is made in the best interests of both parties.

Thus, you need to hire the services of our family lawyers Sydney, to get relief from all types of family disputes that can disrupt your normal life.