Family Lawyers in Mt Druitt

Going through family disputes? Your spouse claims the children should be in his custody? Conflict in division of marital property? For all family law disputes consult our family lawyers in Mt Druitt.

Why you hire family lawyers in Mt Druit?

Keen Lawyers was founded in 1982 and has since served over a 1000 successful cases with a staggering success rate of 99%. Our firm is also recognised by the NSW Law Society as a specialist in personal injury law. We in Keen Lawyers have served several clients over 35 years in resolving their family legal disputes.

Family disputes can get messy and thus our Family Lawyers in Mt Druitt often rely on resolving family disputes without the need of a court proceeding however this sometimes does not work and in such cases we try our best in resolving the cases as quickly as possible so the client does not incur legal fees.

We in Keen Lawyers believe in the principle of providing the opportunity for clients to pursue justice regardless of one’s financial capability. To achieve this the firm has adopted a no win-no fee service policy which means that clients will not be charged a fee service in the event of a loss. Clients are also not required to pay fees upfront.

Keen lawyers have also adopted a structure by which they can fund clients with low financial abilities in preparing their compensation claims. Our firm does this to allow clients to have a chance at seeking justice despite their current financial status. Refunds are only asked in the event of a successful case.

If you are going to court in Mt Druitt anytime, do not go on your own and hire the services of a Family Lawyer in Mt Druitt. We in Keen Lawyers have helped many clients resolve their legal disputes and are more than willing to help you in resolving yours. To know more about the firm or the services it provides browse through our entire website or plan a plan to walk into our office. You can even call us and know what help you are looking for?