Compensation Claim Sydney

If you suffer from injuries due to an accident at your workplace or on the road, you can claim compensation for your injuries.  Keen Lawyers are specialist in pursuing compensation claims Sydney and have expertise in pursuing compensation claims Sydney since 1982.

Different types of injuries demanding compensation claims Sydney 

  • Injury due to road accident – If you are injured in a road accident and sustain injuries, you can claim compensation.  Keen Lawyers are experts in pursuing compensation claims Sydney to allow you to obtain compensation from the relevant insurance company.
  • Injury obtained at the workplace – If you suffer physical or psychological injuries whilst at work, we can pursue a compensation claim Sydney from your employer.  We are experts in dealing with compensation claims Sydney and you can expect a fast solution to your case.
  • Injury caused due to public liability – If you receive an injury in a public place, you need our expert advice to see if  you can pursue a compensation claim Sydney against the responsible organisation.  We will investigate the case to determine if a claim is available.
  • The harm caused by medical negligence – If you have suffered injuries due to the negligence of a doctor, hospital or medical staff, you may be able to pursue a compensation claim Sydney for your injuries.  These are technical and difficult cases and require an expert who is familiar with pursuing compensation claims Sydney.  The principal of the firm is an accredited specialist in personal injury law who has that expertise.

If we are pursuing a compensation claim Sydney, we will generally pursue it on a “no win/no fee” arrangement.  We will normally pay the costs to prepare your case and do not charge if you do  not obtain compensation.