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One fine evening, you find your inbox visited by a rather unexpected email, you have been fired from your job in Sydney. Confused and wondering why the company you served hard for years and have suddenly terminated your contract. You call up the office to enquire for what reason you have been terminated without warning. However the office hangs up on you providing you no answer, leaving you even more confused.

Now when such an injustice occurs that is civil in nature, it is time for you to consult a civil lawyers in Sydney.

We in Keen Lawyers have helped several clients resolve similar civil disputes and other civil cases. Established in the year 1982, our mission has been to assist clients in dealing with their civil disputes in the most efficient and professional manner. Our firm has been recognised by The Law Society of NSW as an accredited specialist in personal injury law, and we have maintained this status for over 23 years. This has led us to become one of the leading compensation firms in the regions of North Western and Western Sydney.

We in Keen Lawyers, commit to helping people resolve their civil disputes regardless of their financial capacity. We do this by adopting a no win-no fee service policy, as well as not taking any upfront payments. Often the firm also helps clients with poor financial abilities by funding their expenses which will be required during the preparation of compensation claims, and only asks for refunds when the said case wins in court. This is to provide clients with low financial capabilities to also pursue the opportunity of a legal trial and the chance to seek justice. However these services are subjected to conditions.

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