Civil Lawyers Parramatta

The cradle city formally known as Parramatta is a major commercial suburb for the city of Paramatta. Being the administrative seat for the city of Parramatta, the city is home to a large population and is widely considered as the economic capital of Greater Western Sydney.

A busy suburb with a rich history and a large population also means the courts of Parramatta is packed with people and cases that come in day in and day out. If you are going to court in Parramatta, do not venture into the court on your own. Hire our civil lawyers in Parramatta to consult and represent you in court matters.

We in Keen Lawyer, have been practicing law for over 35 years with more than 1000+ successful cases. Founded in 1982 the firm has grown to become one of the leading firms in the Western and North Western Sydney region, recognized by the Law Society of NSW as an accredited specialist for 23 years.

We in Keen Lawyer follow a no win-no fee policy, which means we won’t charge you fee service if your case turns out unsuccessful, we also follow a policy on not taking up-front payments, all our payments are made post completion of a case. These policies however are subjected to conditions to apply.

Many victims do not have the financial ability to pay the required expenses in a compensation claim thus we in keen lawyers sometimes assist clients with funds required in preparation of a compensation claim. We only ask for a refund of the funds if you are successful in claiming your compensation.

Our Firm of Civil Lawyers in Parramatta

The firm area of expertise lies primarily in compensation claims for industrial accidents, medical negligence, car accidents, professional negligence total and permanent disability, family law, probate and estates and convincing/sale and purchase of pottery. If you are going to court in Parramatta anytime over a civil dispute and seek a civil lawyer in Parramatta in any of the above filed, then our civil lawyers in Parrmatta at keen lawyers are more than happy to help.  Whatever your problem is, do not hesitate in letting us know.