Top Wills and Estate Lawyer in Mt Druitt

If you wish peace today and forever in your family, you need to make informed decisions in life. When you have assets and wealth, you will need a will & Estate lawyer to offer you expert advice. Before making any stand, let us explain to you about wills and estate briefly.

A guide on Wills

Every person who has assets and property in his name will require a Will. It is really important that one has legal representation with clear instructions on every asset and property owned. A Will is a document that will state how your assets and/or properties have to be treated after your demise. You need not disclose your wishes to anyone other than your professional lawyer. We, at Keen Lawyers, have specialised Wills & Estate lawyers Mt Druitt to guide you on how to proceed and distribute your wealth.

 A guide on Estate

An estate is the assets as well as liabilities of any deceased person. It may comprise of shares, investments, cash, properties, vehicles, or any possession. Each and everything owned by the deceased is to be considered to prepare a Will, which will be later used in case of any dispute or distribution. We have experienced Will dispute lawyers Mt Druitt who can do all the necessary paperwork for you as per Australian law.

Irrespective of what your wishes, our Will & Estate lawyer will make sure that everything happens as per your desires and nobody can interfere in it. We have an experience estate law with our 30 years experience in wills, estates, and family matters, and we have been successful in offering a peace of mind to our clients.  In any case, if you feel your family is going against your will, please feel free to give us a call, and our professional lawyers will be able to help.

 What can we do for you?

  • Planning a will: We will set up a meeting with you to understand your intentions regarding your assets and properties. Planning does not just mean a distribution of your possessions but clear instructions to your loved ones when you have passed.
  • Power of attorney: It is a document wherein you can appoint a trustee whom you want to act on your behalf. If you are no longer able. It will be regarding financial matters, real estate, and care. It is usually done prior to when the person’s health has started to deteriorat. This is important as whoever is granting the power of attorney needs to be of sound mind to consent to the power of attorney.
  • Documentation: When it comes to law and order, documentation is very important. Our Wills & Estate lawyers Mt Druitt will do everything for you in a hassle-free manager from administration to documentation, we use a systematic approach for the right process.

Irrespective of wealth, you are welcome to consult our lawyers. And that is free!