Get the Compensation That You Deserve With Work Injury Lawyers Sydney

A productive workplace should provide an environment where you feel protected and safe. If you have experienced injuries on the job then its consequences to financial, physical and emotional health can be devastating. This is the reason why the workers of Sydney are entitled with a range of compensations and benefits under the Worker’s Compensation Scheme (WCS).

Being the ultimate platform for workplace injury lawyers Sydney, we here at Keen Lawyers have helped thousands of workers with their claims for over 20 years. We believe that any type of injury can present hurdles that are challenging to overcome. That’s why you have our support in every phase with proper understanding, flexibility and specialized services.

Injuries That Can Occur at Work & Your Entitlements

It is the responsibility of the employer to offer a good and secure working environment, yet there are many workplace hazards that lead to injuries such as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), mental illness, lifting injuries, accidents at construction sites, hearing loss and injuries due to machine malfunctions. According to the WCS, workers are entitled with certain benefits when they become ill or are injured due to work:

  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Medical and Related Expense
  • Weekly Payments Against Loss of Income
  • Lump Sum Payment
  • Damages for Suffering and Pain

Are You Eligible For Workplace Injury Compensation?

People, who injured at the workplace or have suffered from disease or illness in the course of employment here are some of the key elements considered are:

  • Your wellbeing and health was affected at the workplace
  • Pre-existing illness or injury that worsened at the workplace
  • You met with an accident as a result of your work

Process of Filing Claim for Workplace Injuries

Injuries are categorized as non-catastrophic or catastrophic. This determines the amount of compensation the worker will receive and whether the claim is going to be accepted or not. Using the services of our work injury lawyers Sydney you can get the desired assistance in maximum coverage.

Our lawyers work with medical experts, investigators and on staff experts for the whole process of the case preparation, litigation/trial and settlement. We understand how the various insurance companies work and make the right move to ensure you are able to win against all odds.

Why Keen Lawyers for Workplace Injuries?

Keen Lawyers is dedicated to being amongst the finest injury law firm with lawyers who have over 30 years of experience. With our impeccable expertise in this field, commendable history of successful workplace injury cases and a complete suite of legal services driven by workers compensation lawyers Sydney we are able to help our clients under any circumstances. We have been working with clients from Parramatta, Mount Druitt and Blacktown.

If you were injured at your workplace because of negligence then call us today for a legal free legal consultation. Allow us to help you with the legal obligations so that you can focus on your recovery.