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For every property owner, estate planning is of utmost importance. Estate planning includes the transfer of assets such as wealth or property to institutions or individuals after or before death. Power of Attorney Wills and Trusts are the standard tools that can be beneficial for this process. This is where the services of Keen Lawyers come into play.

With extensive experience of over 30 years, Keen Lawyers is proud to have a team of certified wills, estate and trust lawyers who exercise the best practices to protect the personal interests of the client. To Deal with estate and wills demands a personal touch, and to do so, we work closely with our clients, developing plans that meet their requirements.

Wills- Why Do They Matter?

There are many who either delay or never prepare a testamentary or will. If an individual dies without a Will, then the court has the right to decide who will be entitled to the assets of the deceased.By getting a Will, you candispose of the assets the way you want. If you made a will a few years ago, then it is essential to make sure that it satisfies the present circumstances and taxation laws. Thus, having a will lessens the financial and legal burden on the family at a time that can be difficult for them.

The laws involving wills can be challenging and complex,and that is the reason why the services of qualified Wills & Estate lawyers Sydney counts. Our lawyers provide a broad spectrum of services that are beyond wills including:

  • Power of attorney for personal care & property
  • Joint property disputes
  • Wills involving charitable foundations
  • RRIF, RSP and Life Insurance beneficiaries
  • Preparation of the various estate accounts
  • The formal passing of the asset accounts
  • Act as the estate trustee during litigation

Estate Administration

Getting properly documented estate plan leads to the distribution of the estate according to your will. To provide complete assistance, our estate attorneys offer the best services, keeping the estate plan as authoritative and comprehensive as possible.

If you are early in the process of estate planning, then our lawyers can provide complete guidance required to create a good plan. We help in drafting the essential documents, arrangements, and statements, additionally making you aware of the risks that are posed by specific choices.

Estate planning is crucial for business owners, as it provides a proper structure to maximize the asset protection, reduce legal penalties and minimize taxes.

Estate & Trust Disputes

Along with formulating a plan for your estate, our litigation lawyers specialize in resolving disputes as well. This includes disputes among associates, friends,and families in the area of ownership, wills, financial affairs and providing care to the elderly. The matters addressed by Will dispute lawyers Sydney is not limited to the cases that occur after a person’s death. Instead, it might also involve the issues that arise before their death.

If you want any assistance with your will and estate, then don’t wait anymore and contact us today for a Free Consultation!