Professional Negligence Lawyers in Sydney

When it’s about the welfare of your family, home or business youare required to seek help from a credible professional such as Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Accountants, Architects, and Financial Advisors and so on.

Unfortunately, there are times where the poor or incompetent services of a professional causes loss of money, time, opportunities and leads to adverse consequences. In the book of the law, this breach of duty is referred to as professional negligence.

Negligence can be of any form including:

  • Providing incorrect advice to the clients
  • Missed a critical deadline leading to financial loss
  • Not abiding by the instructions of the clients
  • Under settling claims for compensation, especially in medical and personal injury cases
  • Recommended a property with defects

Can You Claim For A Professional Negligence?

When you hire a professional advisor, then you expect that they would approach in a skilled and proficient manner. Without a doubt, no professional may provide 100% perfect advice, but when it’sexceptionally bad then you can file a case of professional negligence under two primary grounds:

  • If you can prove that another professional belonging to the similar field would have come up with different advice
  • If you canshow that the professional failed to adhere to the common standards of practice meant for their field.

Time Limit for a Professional Negligence Claim

For professional negligence Sydney you have to be on time, this is also called as professional negligence limitation period. The time limit for a claim varies from one to another, but on an average, it should not exceed six months from the date of negligence. When negligence does not come into light within this period, then there are circumstances where it can be extended.

Why Choose Us For Professional Negligence?

We here at Keen Lawyers are known for our experienced team of professional negligence Lawyers Sydney who understand what it takes to win these claims. We know when the ideal time to litigate is and when is the perfect moment to settle, ensuring the interests of our clients are always met.

We perform a complex and high-value claim on behalf of our clients for breach of contract, misinterpretation, negligence, and fraud. Our qualified lawyers help in assessing both the sides of a case and the consequences of following incorrect or poor advice. We work with an aim to monitor every phase of the case, keeping you up-to-date in simple and clear terms. We let you walk through all the potential options that you have for making the most out of it.

Most of the professionals are often insured, hence considering that the liability will be established, the claimants can recover some or almost all the legal expenses involved in the claim. Further, we provide proper advice about the costs and the various methods that can be used for funding the case along with a strategic plan at every step.

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