Negotiate Family Law Property Settlements with Our Lawyers

Keen Lawyers features an accredited team of family lawyers Sydney who specialize in different aspects of property matters and can come up with valuable assistance in evaluating how financial resources, debts and incomes should be divided between both the entities. These decisions are critical if you have been separated, divorced or planning for separation. Such settlements are stressful and complex, where short-term solutions will only trigger long-term complications.

Our lawyers can help in identifying the best long-term outcome in regards to you and the family’s property. It should be noted that property cases are often placed in higher order of child support and parental responsibility. Hence, the matters that are concerned with parents or child can be dealt prior or simultaneously with the property dispute.

Assets and Liabilities in Property Settlements

The assets and liabilities between de facto partners or spouses are divided on the basis of:

  • Contribution made by each party non-financially, financially and as a homemaker & parent.
  • Various factors like income, health, earning capacity, financial circumstances, future needs and financial commitments
  • Every property is taken into consideration, no matter if it’s held in your name or both the parties. Any order or agreement is vulnerable and can be challenged when assets remain undisclosed

The application for spousal maintenance and property settlement should be made within two years of separation or one year of divorce, or you can take help from the lawyers to seek permission from the court in order to apply. There are four things that will be required for filing a settlement and these are: initiating application, financial statement, affidavit and Superannuation information request and declaration form.

Spousal maintenance is provided only to eligible parties. The indicators that are examined here include:

  • Unable to support yourself adequately, for example taking care of a child under 18 years of age
  • Spouse is capable of paying the overall expenses related to your maintenance.

How Can We Assist You?

Before and after you consider separation, it is integral to seek for proper legal advice on what entitlements do you have and what steps should you take for family law property settlements Sydney. The certified attorneys at Keen Lawyers can help you by:

  • Advising what can maximize the entitlements of property settlement in your favour
  • Gathering documents and information that are required to understand your entitlements
  • Representing your negotiation with the other party
  • Formalizing a suitable agreement according to the Family Law Act.
  • If trial/litigation is needed then the lawyers represent you at the court

We are reputed, established and trustworthy law firm who will let you take the best of course of action for exceptional outcome and that too at minimal expenses. We realize that your circumstances can be difficult, thus we strive to ensure that the entire process of family law property settlements is as stress-free and seamless as it can be.

Contact us today for assistance, representation or advice from our family law specialists. Discuss your concerns with us and take advantage of our tailored legal solutions.