Compensation Specialist in Blacktown

People in Blacktown can now claim compensation they rightly deserve. Our Blacktown compensation lawyers are specialists in pursuing car accident compensation and workers compensation claims. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers who know how to deal with the big insurance companies. Our Blacktown compensation lawyers will support you through your entire case.

We work hard to ensure that your claim is thoroughly prepared. As with anything if the preparation is right, the end result is right. We are very particular about the proper preparation of your car accident compensation claim or your workers compensation claim. Our specialist compensation lawyers have over 30 years of experience in pursuing these claims on behalf of clients.

We are also one of the only firms in western Sydney who have specialist medical negligence lawyers. Medical negligence is the most difficult area of personal injury work and requires a particular level of skill and expertise that is not found in all compensation lawyers. Our Blacktown compensation lawyers have that degree of skill and expertise to handle very serious claims where hospitals, doctors and professionals make mistakes which cause loss and damage. Over the years we have helped many clients recover compensation in these difficult areas. We recently successfully completed a claim for a client who went to his doctor for a check up and the doctor failed to diagnose that he had the early signs of bladder cancer. Unfortunately the doctor’s negligence led to the need for major surgery. Our medical negligence lawyers ultimately pursued a claim against the doctor and our client was successful, receiving many hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation.

Our car accident compensation lawyers have also pursued claims for victims of car accidents with claims ranging from very minor injuries to claims worth over $2M in damages.

As we are specialist compensation lawyers it is important that you speak to us to ensure that you get the right advice before pursuing your claim.