19 September

No Win/No Fee

We have been pursuing claims on a no win, no fee arrangement since the business commenced in 1982. We regularly pay our own money to prepare your claim and only charge you if you are successful in recovering compensation. We provide you with a written guarantee that if you do not win and receive compensation you will not have to pay our legal fees. This process enables us to prepare your claim and spend the money necessary to prepare the claim as we see fit and in a timely fashion. We realise that many people who may have been injured do not have the funds available to prepare their claim and thus our system enables us to do this. We do this using our own money and do not rely upon any arrangements with banks or financial institutions. We do not charge you interest on the money we have spent to prepare your case.

Occasionally there are exceptions to the rule and conditions apply to this arrangement. In medical negligence cases the law is different to any other claim for negligence in that the determination of negligence heavily relies upon an opinion from an appropriate medical specialist. Our usual arrangement in medical negligence cases is that we ask our clients to contribute to the initial cost of obtaining a medical opinion and once we are satisfied that the medical opinion supports the claim we will then fund the rest of the case. We must also be satisfied that we feel that you can succeed in your claim before we are prepared to fund it.

This is an expensive process and typically we would spend many thousands of dollars on each case, however it is a system which has worked well for us for many years and continues to do so. It obviously also works very well for our clients, as in most cases they do not have to pay us any money until the case is complete.

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