13 September

Motor Vehicle / Industrial Accident

Our client was working at a waste management centre in outback Queensland when he got crushed between a front- end loader and a motor vehicle sustaining severe injuries to his pelvis and lower limbs. His injuries were so serious that ultimately it resulted in an amputation of a lower limb. We commenced proceedings against the CTP insurer of the vehicle in question, the employer and the Council who operated the waste management centre. The proceedings were instituted in the Supreme Court of Queensland and after two Mediations prior to a Court hearing we were able to obtain a significant amount of money representing compensation for his injuries.

This was a very involved and complex case, as each of the Defendants were suggesting that the responsibility for our clients injury would rest with another party. Initially at the first mediation, there were no offers made. We continued to pursue the case through the court process. Eventually the Defendants invited us to attend the 2nd mediation and it was only following that 2nd mediation that we were able to satisfactorily resolve the case. Our client received substantial compensation for his injuries.

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