Claiming Compensation Is Not Hard With Keen Lawyers

Have you been injured or your treatment failed in the hands of a medical professional? If yes then it means you have been a victim of breach of contact. Another legal term for this scenario is medical malpractice or medical negligence in Australia. In such a case, the victim will have the right to claim compensation from the hospital or the faulty person. We, at Keen lawyers, have experienced and professional medical negligence lawyers who will strive hard to help you come out of the trauma. They hold the skill and expertise in the field, and will make sure to get you the compensation your deserve.

What is covered in compensation for medical malpractice?

The healthcare service providers and medical practitioners are covered under professional indemnity insurance. This is valid when a patient files for the negligence claim. However, the patient and his lawyers need to prove that the provider or hospital has failed in offering care, and so you have suffered a loss or damage. The damage can be mentioned as follows.

  • Any kind of surgical errors
  • Error with the dose of anaesthesia
  • Wrong medication dosage or wrong prescription
  • Use of defective tools such as non-sterilised equipment in treatment or surgery
  • Wrong identification of medical condition or disease or illness
  • Errors during child birth or pregnancy
  • Failure to disclosing condition to the patients

In case of the above misdoings, the patient can be compensated through damages award. Those can be: general pain suffering, medical expenses due to negligence, loss of income, rehabilitation, and any other physical, financial, or psychological disturbances. If you need any help or guidance for medical negligence Parramatta cases, then let us know about it. Our team of expert lawyers will dig in the case to bring you justice.

Advantages to seek from Keen Lawyers

Among many professional lawyers in Parramatta, if you are thinking why you should choose us, read the following.

  • Skill and experience: We have over 30 years in the law and order spectrum, and through all these years we have gained the skill to research and negotiate on behalf of our clients. Not every other company can hold such a great experience and have won as many successful cases as we have. Therefore, we are confident about our standards and success.
  • Strategic plan: At Keen Lawyers, we make a strategic plan once we understand the case through our first meeting. We also do not charge anything at first meeting from our clients. Based on our experience, we make a plan and proceed with it till we are successful.

If you need any kind of assistance in your medical negligence case, feel free to reach us.