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Recent Cases – Medical Negligence

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Mr & Mrs V’s daughter had to undergo a simple operation at a major Sydney Hospital. She subsequently developed a blood clot. The hospital failed to recognise that because of her physical characteristics, she was particularly prone to developing this condition. The hospital discharged her. She went home but collapsed…

Professional Negligence

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Our client’s (30 in total) relied upon their Accountant for financial advice. They had engaged their Accountant for many years and trusted him impeccably. The Accountant collectively recommended various investments, some of which he held a personal interest in. He proceeded to invest very large sums of money on behalf…

Motor Vehicle / Industrial Accident

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Our client was working at a waste management centre in outback Queensland when he got crushed between a front- end loader and a motor vehicle sustaining severe injuries to his pelvis and lower limbs. His injuries were so serious that ultimately it resulted in an amputation of a lower limb….