What We Do

Our firm is recognised as a leading compensation firm in Western and North Western Sydney. We do not charge if you are not successful. We fund the preparation of cases on behalf of our clients.

Our policy over the years has been to fund claims on behalf of our clients. This enables us to obtain the necessary evidence for a thorough preparation of the claim without having financial restrictions, because an injured person may not be able to fund the evidence that is normally required.

We often will investigate cases to a point when we can make an informed decision as to the likely success of the claim, should the matter proceed to Court. In the event the matter proceeds to Court we can pay the necessary expenses if and when they are due. If we investigate a case and feel there is not likely to be a successful outcome we usually do not charge for the work that we have done leading up to the time that we make that decision.

Over the years we have finalised many successful claims for people injured at work, in motor vehicle accidents, in a public place or as a victim of crime. We are one of the only firms in the Western suburbs of Sydney who specialise in professional and medical negligence cases.

Over the years we have pursued numerous cases, some of which have changed the Law as it presently stands in personal injury litigation. We pursued a claim many years ago which changed the Law for people injured whilst in jail, we also pursued a case which changed the Law as to what entitlements people receive for care in the home and most recently successful pursued a claim for our client who was driving a motor vehicle when a tree fell across his motor vehicle and he was injured. That particular case was the first of its kind in NSW and has now set a precedent as to claims made by a single driver in a motor vehicle case.

We are currently pursuing many claims being substantial cases from clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries down to relatively minor injuries.

We are also currently pursuing a professional negligence claim against an accountant who lost over $30 million of funds invested on behalf of his clients.

Our expertise extends across all forms of compensation