Legal Costs

  • No win – no fee service (*conditions apply)
    • This offer does not apply to workers compensation mattes where you are entitled to a grant of funding by WIRO. Where WIRO have undertaken to pay your costs, costs will be covered whether or not your claim is successful.
  • No up-front payment (*conditions apply)
  • We fund the preparation of your case.
Many victims do not have the financial ability to pay the types of expenses that are needed to properly prepare a compensation claim. That is why we pay to prepare your claim. We do this out of our own funds without any arrangement with a bank, thus we are committing our money to prepare your case. If you are not successful with your case we do not ask for a refund of those monies.We only charge if you are successful in obtaining compensation. If you do not recover compensation there is no charge by ourselves.We are always mindful of the cost of legal services. We can provide a quality cost effective service for your claim.

For most claims you are entitled to recover a significant portion of your legal fees from the insurer, assuming of course you are successful with the claim. There are also procedures, via the court rules that enable us to protect the recovery of legal costs from the insurer and to maximise the legal fees that the insurer has to pay.

Conditions apply to our decision as to whether we will fund the preparation of your claim. Contact us to discuss this further.